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iPad Carbon Fiber case

Carbon fiber case for iPad3 and iPad2

Engineered for the iPad, the icBox case is made exclusively from real carbon fiber and not only provides a lightweight, high-tech ultra-protection, but it also facilitates the iPad usage.

Protective and stylish

The iPad is thin, stylish and high-tech. The icBox carbon fiber case is thin and stylish but also resistant. It fully protects iPad, whether you transport it in your bag or carry it in your hand.

Unique design

The unique design is extraordinary thin (20mm / 0,79 in) and light, weighting only 197g (0,43 lb).
It fits naturally to the new iPad3 and iPad2 and protects it all around.

Ergonomic and confortable

The icBox carbon fiber case works as a perfect support for your iPad whether you are watching movies, playing games, surfing the internet or using any other application.


In OXYBLACK we design and built products from advanced composite materials of high quality for various purposes.
In the icBox, since it combines the function of protection in transport, with the function of support to use it, we incorporated practical aspects of handling and ergonomics to ensure maximum comfort.
We are dedicated to developing quality products in high technology materials.

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