Carbon sheets

We can supply a wide range of carbon fiber sheets, tubes and other components that can be used for various purposes ranging from modeling to the components for competition, sports or industry.


Founded in 2010, OXYBLACK - Composite, Lda is a company based in Portugal near Lisbon, that designs and produces solutions in advanced composites resulting in high quality products for a wide range of purposes.

We have constant attention to design, innovation and technology, we have developed different and unique solutions, which allows us to respond to the most demanding challenges of our clients.

We produce parts in Carbon Fiber, Aramid / Kevlar and Glass Fiber for finished technical products and components solutions for the industry.

These materials have a high durability, are extremely light and at the same time resistant. Its application is extremely wide and versatile, combining elegance and sobriety.

We are dedicated to developing high quality products and solutions with high technology materials.

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